Break Machine:)
May 02, 2009
Work Like a Machine? Have a break!

Promotion portals

There’s no need to introduce the worldwide known "Have a break, Have a KIT KAT" slogan and the KIT KAT chocolate. On our recent promotion portal, it’s all about KIT KAT.
Similarly to other advertising portals, this site had been working for only 2 or 3 months, till the product campaign had gone on. The core feature of alike portals is to complement TV ads while meeting the advertisers’ purposes and entertaining the visitors.
Main characteristics of our promo sites:
  • Up to par, eye-catching graphics, 3D virtual worlds
  • Interactive games and functions
  • Flash games and animations
  • Inbuilt video upload facility, automatic video converting and playing
  • Organizing and managing sweepstakes
  • Management of multitudinous SMS’s
  • Management great number of visitors
  • Statistical measurement of visits, games and options
  • User interface of the administration system is easy to handle, and enables modifications on the entire portal
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We are glad to implement your campaign portal as well! Our experience, knowledge, ready-to-use solutions help to achieve the payback of the partners’ site.  

Break Machine portal

If you are tired of all-day grey, let’s go to, registrate yourself and tell us, what kind of machine you feel like! If your idea is unbeatably funny, the Gépszünet Team ill film it and makes it available for everyone.
If you feel like directing the video yourself, no problem, just upload the film on our site. The best movies will be rewarded with a cartonful of KITKAT chocolate. 10 big boxes of chocolate are waiting for the best producers every week. The formerly uploaded films are available and playable on the site. Do not forget to leave a shout about the records in the forum!
Already seen all machines during work? Send the bests to your friends as an e-mail, or visit the Game Machine to scuttle all the chocolate boats in the KITKAT Torpedo with as few clicks as possible, or find all hidden chocolate bars in the KIT KAT Office. Take care, and beware of your Boss!

This promotion site includes the following modules:
  • Registration
  • Video upload and automatic conversion
  • Video moderating
  • Video download
  • Automatic embedded video plays
  • Commenting
  • Poll
Flash games were made by AITIAvisions.
Projector machine
Projector machine
KIT KAT Office
KIT KAT Office
KIT KAT Torpedo
KIT KAT Torpedo