About us
Our Goals and Visions
May 15, 2009
Fully web-based solutions – this has been our goal since the 1990-s. In the course of time, web has changed and improved a lot, but this aim remains still unchanged. We handle complex business processes as well as enormous amounts of data most effectively – of course web based. By doing this with innovatively planned user interfaces, we aim to open new horizons to user - software communication.
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At the beginning…

The first predecessor of our Company had been established more than 10 years ago in 1995 and was reorganized into its current state: Webra International LLC. on September 29th, 2009 to comply with the needs of the speedily varying market environment with a more modern and dynamic corporate structure. Our proprietors are Hungarian private individuals who have forgone resorting foreign and domestic investments, using solely their own financial and professional resources to achieve results. 

Webra Content- and Workflow management

We provide our partners with solutions – for this reason, we have created Webra: a content and workflow management system, which is a strong basis to build upon for software that meet all requirements of our partners. The Webra core system with its wide range functionality and innovative, web-based administration interface facilitates effective and rapid work of it’s every user.
Do not hesitate to contact us if seeking the perfect solution for business challenges related to internal (Intranet), international (Internet) or multi-located (Extranet) communication! According to our experiences and practical knowledge, we believe that most challenges are easier to answer by utilizing the advantages of the web compared to traditional solutions (client – server, fat client).
We have developed the administration interface to allow immediate usage of the entire system, without any special IT skill. With the integration of well-known user action pathways from other software, we offer break-through solutions for current challenges. On behalf of celerity, we integrate most current technologies of data entering and search methods to ensure more options, more choices for our users.
Our team participates in researches on text mining in the field of artificial intelligence and collaborates with university research teams. All results brought by these researches will be applied in Webra and all the other systems and solutions. We aim to pursue a highly marketable and expedient activity. As a precedent of this goal, an increasing knowledge base facilitating syntactic and semantic verification (word stemming, postal codes, settlements, addresses, names, connections etc.), is built into Webra.

Our business solutions and services cover the following fields:

  • Portal solutions for small, medium and multi enterprises (10 000+ pages, 1 000+ system administrators, 10+ languages, 100 000+ single visitors a day)
  • Analyzing, rationalizing and modeling business processes, deploying content-and workflow management systems
  • Form building: web-based data collection with e-signature and time stamp added
  • Mass SMS and MMS processing, SMS payment, integration of international payment applications (OTP, CIB, BIBIT, PayPal etc.)
  • Complete content migration into Webra from other systems
  • Support, tutorials and consulting
  • Design and usability planning
  • Integration of internal and external applications (ERP, Active Directory, Google Map etc.)
  • Designing of interactive, 3D, Flash portals
  • Constantly developed core system, updates, support, operation and server hosting

Our Team

Our associates are highly qualified researchers and developers working by the highest standards and work ethics. In addition to our 20+ full-time employees we occupy undergraduates and Ph.D. students via tender and university cooperation. Our Executive often gives lectures at universities. Our principle is that providing students with on-hands and real-world experience is just as important as classroom-knowledge.

Quality Assurance (NQA)

Webra International Llc. is an ISO 9001:2008 approved company in the following fields of operation:


- applied IT research and development,
- software development,
- system integration and support.

Our Mission

Enterprises are driven by the need to provide customers, employees and vendors with a consolidated access to their information, processes and applications. Consumers, employees and vendors are open to a wide range of self-managed web services. However, system architecture is crucial in realizing the complete value of portals. Addressing the most critical business challenges is the primary focus of our reliable and complete portal solution named WEBRA. WEBRA WMS/CMS solution is on a par with the leading workflow solutions, portal building software and content management systems.
Our aim is to carry out an innovative development activity requiring special and extensive knowledge to let the expertise of our college prevail internationally. As a result of this, we strive to plan and implement stable, reliable software solutions for inland- and international partners and procurers as well. We are committed to carry out the needs of our partners on a higher ground as expected so as to make their work more efficient.
Our every team member contributes to development, partners’ contentment and company success with all the best of their knowledge. To understand and to adopt these aims is part of or company culture.