High availability
November 12, 2008
High availability architecture
High availability architecture
You can set up and run WEBRA on only one server, however if high availability and high loaded service providing via the Internet is the goal, we suggest the architecture on the picture above.
Our reliability for WEBRA software is 99,9% based on 7x24 hours/week schedule. This means just 8,76 hours off during one year.
System tiers: database, business logic, presentation, administrative interface, etc. The separation of the tiers increases the security, ensures more flexibility for later development and provides higher scalability. Business logic tier (WEBRA I:,II.) should be placed on the servers inside the company network, the database tier is worth to be placed on database storage and the secure way for running the presentation tier is on the DMZ zone of the firewall. The separation increases the security of the company network.
Our system can operate on failover and/or load balanced servers to achieve continuous service providing, the first meaning that if one of the servers breaks down, the other immediately takes over the service, and the second is that two or more servers provide the service in parallel.
On the client side you just need a browser for using the portal or the administrative interfaces.