Unique cultural portal in Hungary -
April 05, 2007
Unique cultural portal in Hungary - the site provides all-inclusive information about every event of the Hungarian cultural life.
Webra Content Management and Portal Developing System run the Cultural Portal maintained by the Ministry of Education and Culture. It is a specialty of the site that it provides all-inclusive information about every event of the Hungarian cultural life. The following topics and categories are available: Movie, Theatre shows, Dance revues & performances, Classics & Jazz, Pop Music, Literature, Fine Art, History, Activities for Children, Cultural Politics, and Festival News. The portal is also available in English with the following topics: Film, Theatre, Music, Literature, Exhibition and History.
There are more "easy-to-configure" search options available on the portal to help finding the desired activity. In the Event Browser we can choose and join together several search conditions: for example County, City, Event Hall, Time and Event Type. A free-word search is also available on the cultural portal. This can even handle fragments of words. The list of matches can be gradually refined by defining intervals of time or event type.
The site always awaits its guests with fresh articles and news. Articles and information related to more topics or event types need to be created and uploaded to the administration interface only once, because WEBRA ensures the appearance of these writings in all related menus according to the settings.
The WEBRA 2.0 Article Editor was designed to meet all requirements of the customers: the built-in Image Editor with extended functionality sheds new light on the illustration of news and infos, because pictures and photos uploaded in the administration system can be resized, cropped and saved in different sizes and versions. Inserting of banners is also possible.
The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) principle works everywhere in the system: the size of the article editor's input field equals the article field's size on the actual website.
Priority and position management of news and articles can be accomplished by using the Ordering function of WEBRA: we can move articles forward or backward with a single mouseclick. As a result of this, the proper article order evolves immediately on the portal.
Key to the exhaustivity of the Cultural portal is the synergy with other related portals and content providing partners. The Event Browser gets its matches from external sources: up-to-date information comes from related partner portals in different topics and event types. Menu and the submenus of the Cultural portal also provide information deriving from related portals. There are two methods of refreshing these:
  1. automatic and scheduled information stream from other partner sites (push)
  2. data retrived at definite times (pull).