Send SMS for tickets to Zoo!
April 09, 2009

Avoid queueing and buy your entrance ticket in SMS or on-line. New design, inline video player, SMS web shop with Webra 3.0...


Procurer: Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden

Profile: services, recreation
Launch: December 12th, 2008
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The Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden has changed its image and portal engine corresponding with continuous reconstructions and a modernized entrance- and ticketing system.

New design

A crucial demand of the Procurer was the integration of SMS ticketing and payment system that is becoming more and more widespread in Hungary. During our collaboration we have paid special attention to the migration of the full content from the former system to Webra 3.0. It was also important to redesign the site to make it more friendly and near-natural in its colors, and design. During restructuring of the contents the menu was rationalized and newly formed.
Budapest Zoo main page
Budapest Zoo main page

SMS web shop

From now, visitors do not need to stand and wait in queues to buy their entrance tickets since these can be bought by sending SMS messages, or in a few months even in the webshop on the zoo portal. There is no need for internet connection: codes of the desired ticket types and quantities can be texted to a specific number (+36-1-8-100-966). Having sent the ticket request SMS to the mobile payment system. Having confirmed the answer SMS and the transaction, users get another text message which includes the transaction code allowing the entrance to the Zoo. The XML-SOAP, UCP based transaction communication is integrated with the zoo pass system and the mobile payment system. Pannon GSM, T-mobile and Vodafone clients can have resort to this smooth and fast service.
The SMS ticket purchase is realized through the following steps:
1. The visitor sends ticket first letter (for example f – felnőtt = adult) and desired amounts via SMS to the +36-1-8-100-966 number.
2. Webra receives the SMS from all the mobile providers in Hungary through their own API and protocol. Webra checks the incoming codes sent via SMS.
3. Webra forwards the visitors request to the mobile payment system.
4. The mobile payment system sends an approval request SMS for the visitor.
5. If the visitor approves their intention to buy the tickets, the mobile payment system manages the payment transaction.
6. The mobile payment system informs Webra about the results of the transaction.
7. Webra sends an SMS message containing the entrance code to the visitor.
The following pictures show the process of buying 1 adult ticket.
SMS writing and ticket code

Texting ticket code


Sending SMS



Approval request

Approval request



Species database

The “reborn” site is providing its visitors of every generation with plenty of exciting information. The trilingual, illustrated species list contains descriptions about the most important species of the zoo, thus it is a good feature to get young and adult visitors nearer to knowledge about flora and fauna.
Species search
Species search

And more...

For the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden is an outstanding, internationally known attraction of the city, information on the site is available in English as well. On behalf of the multilingual administration interface, contents of the site can be, translated into any number of languages. A program calendar informing visitors about future and past events is also available and administrable.
zoo_illustrate_szukenBreathtaking animal photos are available to be sent as a postcard via e-mail to our friends or family.
On the portal, forum and newsletter registration is also available so that to enable information flow between the Garden and the visitors, and between the users themselves. Webra’s newsletter module is capable of sending birthday greetings for registered users, who had given their dates of birth.
It is also possible to embed playable videos on behalf of the article editor of the administration system. Thus visitors can watch and follow the life of their favorite Zoo inhabitants.