Correction system with online and telephone connection and application form downloading to the Student Card Costumer Service
March 30, 2006
The goal of the system, developed in 2004, is to make student card application easier. Earlier, incorrectly filled forms posed a problem, but from now on, if there is incorrect information entered, students immediately get an e-mail or a text message with their password and identification code, so they can easily correct the wrong data through a secure channel.
AITIA has developed a separate interface for institutes. The first step is always registration, then they are supposed to send the acceptance of conditions to our costumer service. Because of security reasons, it is AITIA that provides entry permission. After the first entry every process takes place online. Mistakes can be corrected, orders can be placed for institute identification labels or validation labels.
For the acceleratation of error correction it can be done through the phone too. The conversation is recorded in order to check and accept orders, and corrected data will be included in the system immediately. These three above mentioned methods work parallel, therefore we had to pay special attention to mutual exclusivity between them.
As a complement of these services, we have added a tracking module so students can check the status of their card. Test the module yourself using the following identification number: 2200490001884.
You can find the application form here: