In Service of Research, Development and Innovation
June 28, 2018

The National Research, Development and Innovation Office had their web-graphics designed by MelkwegDitigal and ours has been the honour to bring it to life. The portal awaits the applicants, representatives, inventors and explorers of the Hungarian scientific community with a clean, mobile-optimized page.

The main page salutes to our entrepreneurs, scientists, researchers and call applicants with a 3D designed animation that is updated on a daily basis and leads to case studies of internationally competitive achievements in Hungary.


The main menu has been split up to two main branches: under „About the Office” there are basic facts and information regarding the organization and its departments, leadership and recent news; while „For the Applicants” section is dedicated for the visitors interested in calls for proposals.


By scrolling down, a detailed Search section allows to select content type and set a combination of conditions for complex queries. Under the search section we find a list of the calls of imminent submission deadlines, the promising- and successful projects and an event calendar.


The Funding Schemes main page organizes the calls by target areas and by funding sources and visualizes all available sorts with the help of a part-circle graph. On mouse over the different area’s and resource’s info cards, the proper part of the graph is emphasized and animated. By rolling down, the latest calls, the funded- and the successful projects will be visible.


The Open Calls list can be ordered and filtered with several parameters.


The call pages provide a description, a set of excerpted call data, call status with a pictogram-timeline and optional further content boxes which can be opened and closed to show or hide further details. Visitors can also subscribe with their email address to follow-up calls. Archive call data are available without registration.


To show case studies in a more elegant way, we have created a special content type that loads in closed status and can be toggled open by the visitor, showing different content module types.


Office-related and other important events are represented with description, place and a dedicated registration form for each single event.


The Media repository's press release-, image gallery- and audio file list features a preview for its items and can be filtered multilaterally.

Our FAQ-like Useful Definition section is an ABC-listed collection of the most important terminology and special expressions used by the Office and those interested in tenders and proposals.


With the help of Online Appointment Booking, both the Office and the Visitor can take their time to prepare all necessary documentation for a seamless administration.