Wit: world class project management
September 30, 2010

Track and solve issues faster: Webra International, LLC rolls out Wit, the Webra Issue Tracker - a project management and time tracking tool for small studios and large companies.

Webra International LLC, developer of the Webra3 content management system launches Wit, the Webra Issue Tracker today. Wit is a Software-as-a-Service help desk and project management solution that provides service for small to medium sized help desks and offers an installed solution to larger companies for intranet use. It's been designed from the ground up as an advanced and expandable help desk and project management tool. Like other SaaS offerings, Wit offers significant cost savings when compared to its traditional, installed competitors.

Wit is remarkably easy to set up: being SaaS based there is no installation required. What makes Wit special is that it operates entirely within the web browser and is easy to use for both employees and customers. Mobile offerings (SMS text alerts and mobile access) are also in development and are expected to become available soon.

How it works

Wit is aimed to be used either by clients, project managers and assignees, or by call takers who create and solve tickets at the same time as they're talking to their clients. They make a good use of the simple user interface, fast search, advanced dashboard and reporting tools, and easy task classification.

Primarily Wit uses tasks as the basis of the work flow. A call or e-mail generates a task within a project which can be created, updated, assigned and resolved all on the web interface. Clients also can enter their problems on their own and project managers can solve or delegate these tasks to other problem solvers.

Some features of the offering include

* Self-service portal for help desk users

* Tickets are email integrated

* Resolved tickets can be converted into solutions and added to the knowledge base

* Easy logging and tracking of work hours

* E-mail and text notifications at any step of the workflow

* File attachments (screenshots, documents) to help swift task solution


Wit offers tiered solutions for personal, studio, pro or enterprise users from 16 to 160 USD per month. Like other SaaS products Wit is a pay-as-you-go service with no contracts, sign-up or termination fees.


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