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Case studies - CRM, WBIA CRM AI, nPay
May 25, 2016
We are interested in AI projects especially connected to NLP technologies and CRM system. We are currently building neural networks based on TensorFlow and actively studying SyntaxNet, but we have experiences other Java, Python, C++ AI implementation libraries. We do not insist to our CRM system, so we can work on other open source or proprietary CRM systems and we can build an easy-to-integrate AI solutions which can interface more than one different CRM systems.

Currently we finished a fully automated administration system based on our CRM for local government. For example the system can automatically update the user data based on querying the Hungarian national Personal Data and Address Register. It can generate electronically signed bill and grant licence for the users in different cases. We can import bank wire transfer transactions and the AI module connects to the orders which is a huge relief for the administrative staff.
We are working together with AITIA on an indoor location based services system called DIAMOND. The first proof of concept is already done. The location system is based on regular WiFi routers. We can detect mobile phones, tablets based on probe request network packeges and locate a position based on routers detailed data. It is a standalone library and we are connecting to our nCard (nPay) system.

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