Keeping Track of the Forints at the Hungarian Ministry for Education
March 30, 2006
Case study: WEBRA Workflow Management system
Every organization – especially a government agency like Hungary's Ministry for Education – needs a fast, flexible, and above all reliable system for keeping track of financial transactions. Precise processing and tracking of deposits, authorizations, and legally mandated reports is critical to the smooth functioning of the Ministry. And it's the main duty of the agency's Budgetary Department.
AITIA’s recently introduced WEBRA workflow-management system helped the Budgetary Department make its information processes significantly faster, more reliable, and more precise. With WEBRA, department director Edit Fesusne and her staff were able to automate many processes, minimizing potential mistakes.
“Before we started to use this system," Fesusne says, "we stored information in different databases that weren't linked to each other. We had to administer the same information several times in order to achieve our goals.
"We had difficulties gathering information in time, in a unified format in order to make decisions. It usually took days to make negotiations with the relevant departments and several more days to generate the right reports about important issues, so we had difficulties with deadlines as well.
"The result was an extraordinary amount of pointless effort and time. Imagine how difficult it was to make the financial reports at the end of each fiscal year!
"The developers of the system helped us to integrate all the special needs and modifications that we requested in order to have an efficient system which was customized for our expectations and ideas."
When AITIA developed WEBRA, the focus was on usability and transparency. The user interface emulates well-known tools used for everyday tasks--like writing e-mails or other official documents. "The interface is easy to use," Fesusne attests, "and you can learn the administration of the system in two hours.”
OM Fejezeti Nyilvántartó
The WEBRA administrator interface can be accessed from any browser through a multilevel secure identification protocol. WEBRA logs all user modifications, so customers can have a clear record of each and every change for years.
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"The new system solves all the above problems," Fesusne says. "It makes processes simpler for the people who use the system, so we can focus on strategic planning and on operations."