State Treasury Accounts System at the Hungarian Ministry of Health
June 02, 2006
The Ministry of Health manages the full administration system of the accounts' chapters and connected tasks automatically, using Webra 3.0.
The system includes the creation, modification and inactivation of chapters of the ministry accounts according to the State Budget Law.
These accounts' chapters and the hierarchical list were loaded together with defined tasks.
After setting the different input authorizations inside the Ministry, the proper users are already able to see and follow their specific financial condition. The co-workers can permanently monitor and modify the data of obligations in connection with certain procedures.
The system was integrated with Windows 2003 Server Active Directory thus a new registration process was unnecessary; direct user login is automatically on.
The advantage of the web-based surface is that there is no need for installing local applications, only a browser. As a result there is a general system overview option, plus another option to use the system with the assigned authority from any computer. Later on the encrypted data channels make distant control possible.
Last but not least, the system makes an austerity budget possible, because there is no extra license charge per user.
Windows 2003 Server and MS-SQL database management system are necessary to run the system, beside that it uses the free IIS web server.